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CNM is a government/industry/academia partnership. Organizations and individuals from a variety of disciplines are engaged as needed to solve technical challenges and improve manufacturing processes.



CNM will identify, develop, and deploy metalworking and related manufacturing technologies to reduce the cost and time to build and repair key naval platforms and other relevant industries.



CNM is a Navy ManTech Center of Excellence, with single point contracting through ATI. Teamed with the Edison Welding Institute (EWI), CNM provides robust capabilities to address the DoD manufacturing industrial base , including state-of-the-art metalworking labs and deep expertise in key technology areas.  From virtual project management to innovative prototypes, CNM delivers tailored solutions.

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from Materials to Design to Manufacturing

A Navy-focused/Industry-driven Enterprise

We are a team of our Nation’s leading shipbuilders and aircraft manufacturers, strengthened by established relationships with capability-specific technology providers, engineers, research institutions and other as-needed project members that deliver ‘on-point’ process and product-focused solutions—each targeted at reducing cost and time to build and repair US Navy platforms.

It’s our mission to develop technologies for manufacturing better, more affordable U.S. naval platforms and to contribute to maintaining and enhancing our Navy’s technological edge.

Industry identifies potential projects and submits those project ideas in the form of an issue paper.  Projects are selected after obtaining input from Navy Program Offices. This approach allows CNM to concentrate on projects that are important to both the Navy and the DoD manufacturing industry that build and repair the Navy’s platforms.

CNM’s preferred approach to contracting with the industry is to engage prospective providers early in the process to agree on the contract terms and conditions of a Base Task Order Agreement.

By getting a Base Agreement in place ahead of time, individual Task Orders can be issued promptly upon ONR’s approval of specific projects, and project work can begin without delay.


Metals and Advanced Metallic Materials


Additive Manufacturing


Joining Techniques


Surface and Heat Treatments


Material Characteristics and Testing


Process Design Control


Industrial Base Infrastructure

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Inspection Technologies